Joe Paquette


Mr. Paquette has over 30 years of experience in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, primarily in operations and process/facilities engineering with expertise in conception, design, construction, and efficiency improvements of major Oil and Gas installations. Mr. Paquette began his career as a production engineer for Amoco Production Comany in various locations in East Texas, Gulf Caost, and West Texas culminating in leadership positions on the Bravo Dome CO2 Source Field in Eastern new Mexico. The Bravo Dome Field produced over 100 MMCFD of natural CO2 for transport to tertiary injection projects in West Texas. In 1986, Mr. Paquette joined Mobil Oil Corporation as a technical consultant providing project management and supervision on multiple oil and gas projects across the United States. His efforts on Mobil’s California Heavy Oil Development in the San Joaquin Valley played an integral role in increasing production at the South Belridge Field from 25,000 BPD to 50,000 BPD. Mr. Paquette transferred to AERA Energy in 1997 with the newly formed Joint Venture between Mobil Oil and Shell Oil California to develop management processes for newly enacted federal regulations addressing Process Safety Management of natural gas processing facilities handling highly hazardous materials.

Mr. Paquette is founder and President of Oakview Engineering, providing process design and project management services to the Oil and Gas Industry specializing in urban oil field development and Process Safety Management systems. Mr. Paquette received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers and American Petroleum Institute.