Jay Scheevel


Mr. Jay R. Scheevel is Chief Geologist for Matrix. He holds a B.S. in Geology with distinction (1979) University of Illinois, and an M.S. in Geology (1983) Texas A&M University, Center for Tectonophysics.

Mr. Scheevel is the founder and President of Scheevel Geo Technologies LLC. (SGT), a multifaceted geological consulting company. Through SGT Jay provides geologic and geophysical support to Matrix Oil Corporation inc and its partners since 2004 with use use of traditional tools and also advanced modeling software such as GoCad (from Paradigm) and other custom designed software. Technical activities include specialized geological/geophysical aspects of reservoir evaluation/exploitation, equity determination, well planning/execution and advanced 3D reservoir-modeling. Jay also directs well site geological activity such as logging, directional drilling, and geosteering.

Mr. Scheevel’s recent projects for Matrix in CA have been performed in the Grimes Gas Field, Kirby Hills and the Whittier Field in the Los Angeles Basin through the use of statistical calibration techniques resulting in dramatic improvement of the resolution of 3D seismic data, well target mapping and direct estimation of reservoir petrophysical properties from 3D amplitude data. His additional experience includes project experience in the Rocky Mountain Cretaceous tight gas sands, California San Joaquin and Sacramento Basin work, Permian Basin and Rocky Mountain Thrust Belt, and several decades of international work in West Africa (Angola, DRC, Congo and Namibia offshore), Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Prior to forming SGT in 2002, Mr. Scheevel held the position of Geological Consultant for Chevron Overseas Petroleum Incorporated. He held many positions of increasing responsibility diverse geographic locations in Chevron from 1981 to 2002. He has consulted and taught courses worldwide on subjects including reservoir-modeling, geostatistics, geophysical interpretation, rock mechanics, and structural analysis. Mr. Scheevel has authored or co-authored refereed technical papers on a variety of subjects. A bibliography can be found on the SGT website at www.scheevel.com.