Environment, Health & Safety

There are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. Matrix is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental safeguards in its operations. On properties we do not manage or operate, we will only partner with companies that also maintain the highest standards of operational safety and environmental responsibility.

Matrix works closely and collaboratively with all City, County, State and Federal agencies or departments to ensure compliance with regulations and to optimize operations that will minimize impact to properties that surround our leases.

We have developed close working relationships with all relevant local and State agencies:

  • LA County Fire Department to clear brush in the Sycamore Canyon of the Puente Hills Habitat
  • City of Whittier Public Works Department for annual / semi-annual production site inspections to ensure compliance with all permitted activity
  • The Gas Company on data relative to gas pipeline product quality to verify compliance with consumer standards
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District on emission quality controls
  • LA County Sanitation District for water disposal standards
  • State of California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal on inspections to maintain required standards of site quality and operations impact.

Matrix is dedicated to improving its sites and the environment around its sites. Matrix invested more than $4 million to rectify the impacts caused by an independent contractor accident that resulted in a one-day fire inside the well cellar at the Honolulu Terrace site. We collaborated with our neighbors and City of Whittier officials to implement advanced safety standards of our operation, rebuilt all key systems, re-landscaped the area with approved native plants. Procedures have been implemented company wide to prevent another vendor accident and projects to improve the sites as implemented in 2005 continue to this day.

In its history Matrix has worked with the California Department of Fish and Game Department, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority to design and permit projects. Currently the company is working to permit drilling activity in a City of Whittier habitat/park area with the main goal of low-impact drilling. In 2006 Matrix initiated a project at its City of Bakersfield sites to replace old equipment and tanks in order to improve the visual quality of its sites and significantly improved sound proofing to such a high level that the State of CA awarded Matrix a “Clean Site” Award in 2008 for excellence in site compliance and improvement in operations.